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Sauna evening

The Siikakartano Estate sauna has an IKI-stove, with gives a soft steam. This sauna is suitable for 10 persons at the same time. On the terrace by the beautiful Torne River, there is a paneled marine-aluminum hot tub. 

Sauna is healthy 

The Finnish sauna is a substantial part of Finnish culture. For Finnish people, a sauna is a place for relaxing with friends and family, and a place for physical and mental relaxation. 

Pohjolan Pirtti Sauna

Have you heard this saying: "If liquor, tar, and sauna won´t help, the illness is fatal." The saunas here are characteristic for Finnish sauna because they are wood-heated saunas. The Saunas have been named after different rapids. "Iso Närä" is for 10 persons and the bigger – in log décor - sauna "Jylhä" is for 18 persons. 

The Saunas must be booked at least 3 hours before arrival since they are wood heated and require time to heat up. 


More information and booking:

+358 400 692

Koskitie 130, Tornio

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