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Kukkola rapids

The fantastic rapids of Kukkola in Tornio River is a joy to the eye and offers good fishing opportunities. Kukkola fishing village is situated on both sides of the river and locals catch lavaret (white fish) and salmon in the summer in a traditional way, called hand-netting. They also fish in the fall and winter.

In Sweden, the rapids are called Kukkolaforsen and in Finland Kukkolankoski.

Tourist season starts in late spring and continues to fall and there is a possibility for whitewater rapids running on a rubber boat or raft.

In Kukkolaforsen the restaurant, cottage village, camping and Sauna Academy are open. The restaurant is specialized in fish and you can buy smoked lavaret. In Kukkolankoski cafe "Myllyn Pirtti" sells grilled and smoked lavaret.

Kukkolankoski is the longest free-flowing rapids in Finland with the length of 3500 meters and the height of 13,8 meters.

Kukkola fishing village is situated 15 km north of HaparandaTornio.


Kukkolaforsen 184, 953 91 Haparanda

+46 922 310 00