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How would you cross the TornioHaparanda border?

Tornio and Haparanda are hosting 100 ways to cross the border competition during summer 2019, in search for the funniest, wildest and clever way to cross the TornioHaparanda border, on land or on water.

See how it goes!

Anyone can take part in the competition by:

1. Following us on Instagram @crossborder100

2. Posting a picture or a video on Instagram using the #crossborder100 hashtag

3. Tagging the picture with @crossborder100

The competition is open from June 1st to August 30th, and the winner gets a 100€. You can participate alone or with a group. The winner will be informed the 3rd of September.


Choosing the winner:
We go through every post, repost them on our account @crossborder100 and start a vote. The picture or video that gets most likes is the winner and receives the 1st price (100€). Note that you have to like the post on our own account @crossborder100, not the original posts.